Don’t make them hate you

Dont Make Them Hate You

by Farook Noor Mohamed

October 23, 2015

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Day 1: Let’s suppose you register with an online retailer while making an online purchase for some jeans, and receive a personalized welcome mail promptly. You are more than happy with the special attention and it marks the beginningof your journey.

Day 3: “Here are some things you might be interested in”. You can see, they’re around more jeans and some accessories. Well, ok, but you’re not interested now that you’ve just made a purchase.

Day 6: “Weekend Sale. Don’t miss”. So soon? Considering you just bought some things this week, it’s probably too soon for a second sale.

Day 10: “Limited period deals on Mobile phones”. Now what? At least, it’s something other than clothes. But, you already have a phone and don’t intend buying another.

Day 15: “New launches: Women’s Latest Collection: Clothes, Bags &More”. Really?? How much can one person shop for online in just 15 days? Or is this because you don’t shop enough?

In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is hardly any time and five emails is no big volume for communications. Yet, just two weeks or even five communications can turn a happy customer into a frazzled one. How do we keep them happy and retain them as customers? Here are a few points to consider during communication planning:

  • Little by little – Not everyone in your database is a likely customer for every one of your products or services. Which is why we need to apply the science of segmentation. Even a small subset of your audiences can contribute to a large part of your sales. Key is to identify them – a little at a time. And ensure these identified audiences have opted in for your communications. This will ensure that you are targeting the right audience and not wasting their time or yours.
  • A little too different - While being different can strike a chord with your audience, you’d still need to align with their needs. For example, you might have a unique hair coloring product to take to market, but why spam a bald man with that? Sometimes even a little can be too much, particularly when there is no relevance
  • Little or lots – How many communications is good enough in a week? A difficult one to pin down. There are the obvious no-nos like sending more than two rounds of reminders within a week or sending him only one communication for the whole year (yes, we’ve seen that happen too). But, we do know that this really depends on the profile of your customer, his transaction frequency and propensity to your communications.

So a little bit of science, some creativity and a lot of common sense involved there. Do you have more to add on how to keep those on your recipient list(s) eager for your next communication? Tell us here!