Closing the gap between offline and the online

The inevitability of omnichannel marketing and the imperative to deliver a seamless customer journey mean that online and offline marketing initiatives have become inextricably intertwined. Customers now expect brands to recognize and remember them as they move effortlessly from channel to channel and device to device. They can’t understand why the engagement they began while […]

Turn the “Top Trends for 2018” into a practical, plan of action

Every year around this time, the industry pundits all come out with their lists of the trends that will shape digital marketing over the coming 12 months. This year is no exception, and the lists are generously peppered with buzzwords like seamless journeys, personalization, artificial intelligence, IoT, omnichannel, and so on. After 20-plus years in […]

Acquisition customer journey

The Never-Ending Seamless Journey Congratulations. That prospect you’ve been nurturing with your seamless multi-channel marketing campaign just said, “Yes.” So what happens now? Does the seamless journey continue? Or does you new customer become little more than an account number with an email address. Failing to continue that carefully crafted, rewarding conversation you’ve already started […]

The ROI of persona building

In a recent study of companies that missed their revenue and lead goals, nearly three-quarters failed because they lacked a qualitative understanding of their personas. Conversely, companies that exceeded their revenue and lead goals were more likely to have analyzed the motivations of their consumers in detail. This marked difference clearly highlights the importance of […]

The patchwork customer journey
Why module-based marketing can never be seamless

The seamless customer journey is like that pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. Every brand covets it for their prospects and customers. Every marketing automation software vendor promises it to those marketers. But just how seamless can a user journey be when its path is a loosely stitched patchwork of disparate, disjointed modules never […]

Who abandoned the cart? Your customer or you?

Where marketing is concerned, omnichannel and retail seem to make perfect bedfellows, given the boom in e-retailing globally. That’s the good news for e-tailers. Online shoppers abandon their shopping carts somewhere in the range 67 to 78 percent of the time depending on the source, which translates in billions upon billions in potential lost revenue […]

Anatomy of an SMS for the marketer

“Macy’s Promo Alerts: Enjoy extra 20% off + last call for Free Guaranteed Father’s Day Delivery: Details: Txt STOP=End” This is an example of a well-written marketing SMS. Marketers meticulously budget their available resources among various campaigns and channels to garner maximum returns, but often fail to efficiently budget the 160 characters available […]

Three benefits of using propensity to drive customer engagement

Did you know? Only about 25% of digital marketers are aggressively using big data insights, according to a recent study released by Seattle-based 2nd Watch. Segmenting the right audience and creating the right message goes only halfway into formulating the perfect marketing strategy. Imagine getting into a sword fight with an Excalibur but being blindfolded at the same […]