Best Practices for Email Marketing Subject Lines

Best Practices for Email Marketing Subject Lines

by Resulticks

August 5, 2015

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With hundreds of new mails landing in a recipients inbox on a daily basis, what makes him decide whether or not to open an email? It is the email’s SUBJECT LINE, as it is the first point of entry to the mail and a very good indication of whether the email message is valuable or a waste of time. If the subject line does not entice the reader in those initial 5 seconds, then all your hard work will go down the drain.

With that being said, if you are a Marketing Manager then you would want your emails to be opened and not ignored. Here’s a list of  some of the best practices to be adopted while crafting a subject line for your emails.

  • Avoid CAPS:  Using CAPS, Exclamation marks and unnecessary symbols are more likely to land your email into the SPAM filter.
  • Keep it catchy: When it comes to crafting a subject line we must think as to what is it that will grab the attention of our target audience and lure them into opening the email.
  • Sense of urgency: No one likes to be missed out. If your subject line has a sense of urgency using key words like: Now, Limited Offer, Before its too late, etc, then it is bound to increase your open rates.
  • Keep it short: Keep the important and relevant information towards the beginning of the subject line. A standard subject line must not exceed 50 characters as most audiences won’t read past that and most of the wording are likely to be cut off the screen on most mobile devices.
  • Ask Away: Subject lines framed with a question are more likely to perform better as they open a communication channel between you and your readers.
  • Test Test Test: After drafting your subject lines it is critical that you run a series of test campaigns. A/B Test your subject lines to see which performs better and use the winning subject line for your campaign.

To summarize, email subject lines are the main part of each email and the best email subject lines are always precise, expressive and give the readers a reason to look at your message.

Better subject lines leads to more email opens, more opens leads to more click-throughs which in-turn leads to more conversion and revenue for your business.