Acquisition customer journey


by Gladys Ng

November 13, 2017

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The Never-Ending Seamless Journey

Congratulations. That prospect you’ve been nurturing with your seamless multi-channel marketing campaign just said, “Yes.”

So what happens now? Does the seamless journey continue? Or does you new customer become little more than an account number with an email address.

Failing to continue that carefully crafted, rewarding conversation you’ve already started with the customer post acquisition can mean more than missed opportunities for upselling and cross selling. It can also result in the loss of a potentially enthusiastic brand loyalist.

What happened to Jacob . . .

Take for example a bank that successfully sold its new “perks” card to Jacob through a highly promoted, zero-interest-rate offer. He enrolled successfully and has just opened the letter welcoming him as one of the bank’s “most highly valued new customers.”

Then his phone rings, and a telemarketer from his bank enthusiastically invites Jacob to sign up for the card he’s just put in his wallet. He immediately fires up his laptop to voice a complaint, and before he can even log in to his new account, a pop-up ad greets him offering guess what? The same card.

What happened? That “valuable” new customer just hit a series of customer journey potholes because the bank failed to map out his post-conversion journey. Far more serious than Jacob’s temporary annoyance, the bank has now called into question its own efficiency and competence, creating the perception of a disconnected, disorganized brand.

. . . need never happen again.

Building brand loyalty and realizing maximum value from the customer relationship for both the individual and the brand requires a continuous, connected conversation across every channel and every touch point throughout the extended relationship with the brand.

For the bank, converting Jacob into a brand loyalist means demonstrating to him at every opportunity that he’s more than just a name and number. It means communicating contextually relevant, value-added offers for new products and services that fit his lifestyle and existing portfolio—a loyalty program with travel rewards, for example. It also means showing him easier ways to get the most from his banking relationship tailored to his preferences and behaviors.

The right marketing automation platform can make all that possible. Leveraging the power of consolidated, integrated data, a true omnichannel platform can automatically trigger the brand response most appropriate at every touch point, custom tailored to the individual’s preferred channel, interactions, intent, and lifecycle stage. At the same time, a fully integrated platform will progressively enrich the individual’s profile in near real time to inform even more personalized interactions and targeted messaging as well as to avoid unintentional miscommunication.

Resulticks can help you create such a cohesive, contextually relevant customer journey that extends beyond conversion to onboarding and retention and eventually to enthusiastic brand loyalty. To lean how, get in touch with us at [email protected]