A long story on the short yet Smart URL

A long story on the short yet Smart URL

by Nagesh K S

February 15, 2016

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David saw. He clicked. David bought. Well, that’s the short version of the story. Interested in that? I don’t think so. Now, here’s the long, juicy version of it.

It was about 1pm on Tuesday afternoon, right around lunchtime when David decided to catch up on the day’s news at his desk, on his laptop. He was deeply engrossed with the drop in global oil prices when he received a text from his wife reminding him of his mum’s birthday dinner the next day. Oops! If the last year was anything to go by, ensuring he just showed up was not going to be enough. And that’s when his eye caught the banner ad for a discount offer from a local store on a selected handbag collection. Great! David clicked the banner and was taken to the site with a reasonable collection on sale. “Looking for a discount coupon?”, they asked him. Certainly, thought David as he supplied his mobile number to receive it. Wow! A $5 savings, even before the purchase. The least he could do was now to browse the site to see if he could use it!

While none of the bags passed his selection gate, he did waffle between a brooch and a bracelet for a while, before he gave up without being able to decide. Probably thought this task was best left to the more discerning, like his wife.

So, chances are that after a full day at work and an equally full stomach post-dinner, David was half-asleep in front of the TV – when he received the buzz of an SMS. It was a reminder to use the coupon collected online for the handbags on offer. Well, that woke David up well and truly, if anything did. How could he forget????

Clicking on the website link on the SMS, he called out to his wife to show her his shortlist from the afternoon. And, here was the catch…he remembered it was a brooch and bracelet, but was not quite sure how he got to them.But, a minute into scratching his head and avoiding his wife’s glare, his eyes widened with surprise.

The popup on the screen said, ‘Still can’t decide between Brooch Model A and Bracelet Model B? Here’s where you can take another look.” Now, David and his wife clicked through, chose the elegant bracelet and completed the purchase. The accessory would be delivered on time, considering they lived in the same town. Thank God for those popups, just this once! They were ready for the birthday bash.

Now, that’s the kind of story I like to read. It tells me a little (or a lot, depending on how you see it) about David – what he does at lunchtime, his interest in current affairs, his purchase capacity, his purchase choices and so on. Can’t help it, we marketers are a nosy lot. We love to learn about people and what makes them tick. It’s not just about ringing in those sales, but also about helping people make choices that best suit them. Imagine poor David’s plight if that popup hadn’t been there!

But, is this really possible? Could a marketer really know that David browses the news site at lunchtime, usually on his laptop, is relatively free after 8 in the evenings and best of all – how could he know that David who downloaded a coupon on his laptop is the same David, looking again for the bracelet, at his home and on his mobile this time?

Voila, the possibilities of the individualized Smart Link.

Individualized Smart Links are assets that can be used to push the boundaries on measuring reach, engagement, and conversion of digital marketing campaigns. Designed to track interactions across owned, earned and paid media channels, as well as multiple digital devices, these individualized Smart Links push some modicum of power back to the marketers, enabling them now to really segment audiences, based on the frequency, consistency and quality of their interactions with a brand and its offerings over time.

Beyond mere clicks, these instruments, as the term suggests can be customized for communications to every individual and can be designed to automatically gather specific hygiene, demographic and behavioral data based on user actions, earning them the moniker ‘Individualized Smart Link.

Have you come across this concept elsewhere? Would you like to learn a little more about it? Here’s where you can get in touch with us for a deeper conversation (And yes, that’s definitely an individualized Smart Link there!).