Introducing True Omnichannel Marketing Automation to the World

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by Resulticks

September 25, 2014

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Bringing Resulticks to market has been a labor of love for our entire team—with emphasis on both labor and love. Labor because building a truly omnichannel marketing automation platform takes a lot of time and effort. While invention stretches the imagination and tests the strength of a team, pursuing and realizing a shared vision brings immense satisfaction.

As Resulticks’ founders and leaders of the development team, we call the platform a labor of love because passion for innovation is one of our core values. We launched our digital marketing agency, Interakt, ten years ago on $6,000, our conviction that digital communication would revolutionize marketing, and our determination to take a front-line position in that revolution. Today, Interakt is a thriving, global digital communications agency, and Resulticks is a logical extension of that dream and our team’s passion and the pioneering spirit.
As entrepreneurs and leaders of a marketing organization, we have experienced the ongoing challenge that all CMOs face: demonstrating definitively how our marketing efforts contribute to the top line. With new digital channels emerging each day, and customers jumping from one channel to another to complete a transaction, marketers struggle to understand who their customers actually are—what channels they prefer, what offers they respond to, who influences them, and whom they influence.
We also know from our own experience that historically every channel—print, web, social, email, text messaging, SEO, you name it—has required its own strategic approach and set of tools. We’ve also learned that of the companies that use cloud-based marketing automation, half of them use multiple systems because no single platform provides true omnichannel capabilities.
Because all of these disparate tools have rarely, if ever, worked seamlessly together, marketers have had to figure out how to coordinate marketing communications across multiple channels. They’ve also had to manually compile the wealth of structured and unstructured data that each disparate channel produces in an effort to turn it into practical, actionable marketplace intelligence.
As marketers, we know the enormous potential value of this big data as well as the challenges of harnessing its power. That’s why we developed Resulticks—to solve the common problems that agencies like ours and the CMOs of the brands we work for face every day. In fact, Resulticks was born out of Interakt’s need for a solution to resolve the same kind of cross-channel communications and data analytics challenges that all agencies and brands have historically faced.
We built Resulticks from the ground up for full omnichannel integration. Unlike fragmented competitive solutions that have evolved through acquisitions and industry consolidations, Resulticks provides a single, scalable solution for any brand or agency that manages multi-channel, multi-market campaigns at both the SMB and enterprise level in both B2B and B2C industries.
For several months now, we’ve been talking to CMOs and decision-makers at some of the world’s most recognizable brands about Resulticks. Their response has been universally enthusiastic, no doubt because we’ve been making some very bold promises about what Resulticks can do:

  • Guaranteed boosts in sales and revenue through pinpoint targeting and comprehensive performance history
  • Unprecedented customer insight and connections to consumers and prospects
  • Spot-on channel strategy to maximize the value of marketing spend
  • Benchmarking against both internal and industry metrics
  • Measurable, reportable performance metrics—including ROI—on every campaign at a glance

The entire Resulticks team has talked the talk and walked the walk. We’ve launched our platform. The proof is in the performance. Time and the marketplace will tell. We invite you to put Resulticks to work in your marketing organization now. The sooner you do, the better you’ll know the rewards of true omnichannel marketing automation—created by marketers for marketers.

Redickaa Subramanian and Dakshen R
Founders, Resulticks