From “Fad to Fab” with Location Based Services (LBS)

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by Dakshen Ram

March 15, 2018

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It’s critical for all businesses to deliver real-time conversations and derive deep insights in this hyper-connected consumer world today. In this connected landscape, location is one factor most brands cannot ignore as they seek to facilitate customer engagement and understand ongoing conversations. Across a variety of contexts, Location-based Services (LBS) can help simplify consumers’ work and personal lives.

LBS, also known as proximity marketing, has been in existence for more than a decade. Since its earliest use in mobile marketing campaigns, LB, with the rise of new technologies such as GPS, Beacons, WIFI, and IoT, has found rapidly expanding application with the rise of new technologies and toolsets such as GPS, Beacons, Bluetooth, WIFI, and IoT over the last few years, it has found wide-ranging applications in delivering meaningful consumer engagement.

LBS allows the identification of persons, places, or objects. For example, it can help consumers discover the nearest banking ATM or coffee shop, while informing brands on their whereabouts to prepare better services. LBS’s applications also include parcel/shipment tracking for mobile commerce, real-time delivery of notifications and promotions delivery based on audiences’ location and activities.

In the age of the millennials, LBS becomes even more imperative to brands’ success. The digital-born millennials favour independence, preferring to use their curiosity and imagination to discover things in contextual settings. As a result, it has fast become the onus of brands to meet their need for meaningful experiences in real-time, wherever they may be, and align with their deeply held convictions through relevant conversations, in a multi-sensorial manner.

This trend is unambiguously manifested in the rise of new smartphones with natively enabled AR features. Consumers can now enjoy immersive brand experiences, plunging into new and varied calls to action at brand properties. Here are a few examples of how brands can piggyback on LBS to deliver the kind of real-time experiences these audiences seek while also benefitting from the insights that can be derived by these ongoing conversations.

Take the case of John who has arrived in town on a business visit.

Travel & Hospitality

John, a loyalty member of a renowned hospitality brand, enters the hotel to check-in. Thanks to his loyalty app, the front line floor staff greets John by name and accompanies him to the check-in counter. The service officer there offers a room based on his known preference and also offers to send him his favorite drink to welcome him once again.


John takes a stroll down before dinner and visits a nearby mall. As he browses, he is near a mobile brand store whose smartphone he has been using for the last two years. John receives a notification to visit the store and take a look at the new, upgraded model on offer with accessories. As he enters the store, a beacon detects his entry and prompts the retail assistant to greet him and personalize his visit.


After his visit to the mobile store, John has his dinner at a restaurant and swipes his credit card to pay. On payment completion, he receives a quick prompt on all the promotions and privileges his card can offer at shops nearby.

Food Services

Taking up on one of the offers, John clicks to pre-order a coffee and cake with 5% card discount from an outlet close to the mall. As John heads out of the mall, he gets a message providing him with the option to avoid the long wait time at the mall outlet and pick up his order at the outlet closer to his hotel. John is happy to save time and proceeds towards his hotel.

LBS’s uses don’t stop here. it can be innovatively incorporated in many other B2C vertical such as Tourism, Education, Real Estate, and more as well as within the B2B sector to facilitate events and automated communications that may be place and time-dependent – such as content targeting in emails based on current location.

LBS offers a great opportunity to connect with your audiences at the right place and time. How are you enabling LBS for your brand experiences and customer journeys? Reach out to our Resulticks Solutions Experts for a demonstration on how we can facilitate your LBS programs and add value to your brand-customer engagement in real-time.

In the meantime, download some of our LBS use cases for more ideas.