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Getting real-time marketing right

An earlier blog in this space pointed out the pitfalls digital marketers dig for themselves when they favor speed and reach over context, continuity, and customer privacy in real-time marketing. That blog addressed what to avoid. This blog addresses what to emphasize to maximize the return on real-time efforts. Real-time starts with data Real-time marketing […]

Social media for the omnichannel age

Social media can feel overwhelming. It’s an ever-churning spectacle. News, frivolous musings, showbiz bombast, and intense reactions to social issues and personal slights float in relative proximity. Hovering within this haze, however, are possibilities for deeper connections with customers and prospects. No surprise, then, that marketers have been devoting themselves to plotting the perfect social […]

Conversion-focused conversation marketing

After almost two decades of experience in marketing—most of it leading a digital marketing agency—I feel obligated to help clear up a misperception that continues to perpetuate itself far and wide, even among some of our profession’s thought leaders. For the record, conversation marketing isn’t social listening. It isn’t chat bots. It isn’t voice assistants. […]