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Timing Is Everything. Avoiding the pitfalls of real-time marketing

The buzz around real-time marketing is strong for a reason. According to the recent Resulticks’ Flab to Fab survey of 300 marketing pros, 70 percent of them feel good about real-time marketing. Nearly half identify it as a priority and are devoting significant resources to it. In many ways, real-time marketing is a race against […]

Closing the gap between offline and the online

The inevitability of omnichannel marketing and the imperative to deliver a seamless customer journey mean that online and offline marketing initiatives have become inextricably intertwined. Customers now expect brands to recognize and remember them as they move effortlessly from channel to channel and device to device. They can’t understand why the engagement they began while […]

Who abandoned the cart? Your customer or you?

Where marketing is concerned, omnichannel and retail seem to make perfect bedfellows, given the boom in e-retailing globally. That’s the good news for e-tailers. Online shoppers abandon their shopping carts somewhere in the range 67 to 78 percent of the time depending on the source, which translates in billions upon billions in potential lost revenue […]

Three musts for a successful holiday marketing campaign

It’s officially December (when did that happen?), the weather’s turning cold, and now that Thanksgiving has passed us, behold, the Christmas decorations are coming out. The holidays are always a wonderful time of the year to spend time with family and friends, give thanks for all we have, and as marketers, send out plenty promotional […]