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Social media for the omnichannel age

Social media can feel overwhelming. It’s an ever-churning spectacle. News, frivolous musings, showbiz bombast, and intense reactions to social issues and personal slights float in relative proximity. Hovering within this haze, however, are possibilities for deeper connections with customers and prospects. No surprise, then, that marketers have been devoting themselves to plotting the perfect social […]

From “Fad to Fab” with Location Based Services (LBS)

It’s critical for all businesses to deliver real-time conversations and derive deep insights in this hyper-connected consumer world today. In this connected landscape, location is one factor most brands cannot ignore as they seek to facilitate customer engagement and understand ongoing conversations. Across a variety of contexts, Location-based Services (LBS) can help simplify consumers’ work […]

Close Encounters of the Smart Kind: Harnessing first-time visitor data to individualize the customer journey

The baseline for personalization has shifted. It’s no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a fundamental customer expectation. Today’s digitally savvy customers want totally tailored brand experiences right from the first encounter. And in exchange, they’re often willing to share some valuable information. That’s why marketers must make every click count. From those specks of […]

Turn the “Top Trends for 2018” into a practical, plan of action

Every year around this time, the industry pundits all come out with their lists of the trends that will shape digital marketing over the coming 12 months. This year is no exception, and the lists are generously peppered with buzzwords like seamless journeys, personalization, artificial intelligence, IoT, omnichannel, and so on. After 20-plus years in […]

Personas segmentation. What you really need to know.

We are well beyond addressing a whole audience segment and into the era of individualization. The first step towards this is Persona segmentation. A high-level clustering of audiences based not on their demographics and purchase pattern but also on their behaviour (using propensity scores based on time, content, offer, channel and location) and influence (both […]

The ROI of persona building

In a recent study of companies that missed their revenue and lead goals, nearly three-quarters failed because they lacked a qualitative understanding of their personas. Conversely, companies that exceeded their revenue and lead goals were more likely to have analyzed the motivations of their consumers in detail. This marked difference clearly highlights the importance of […]

Where does SEO fit into omnichannel marketing?

As a seasoned SEO professional with an interest in digital marketing, the most compelling component of omnichannel marketing automation is total channel integration, an ideal state that makes the much sought after seamless user journey possible. The ability to automatically target a customer at any point in their journey to conversion with an optimized and […]

The patchwork customer journey
Why module-based marketing can never be seamless

The seamless customer journey is like that pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. Every brand covets it for their prospects and customers. Every marketing automation software vendor promises it to those marketers. But just how seamless can a user journey be when its path is a loosely stitched patchwork of disparate, disjointed modules never […]

Gartner names Resulticks to the 2017 Magic Quadrant

The Resulticks team just learned that Gartner has named our platform to its 2017 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management. This debut as a Niche Player in the highly respected Magic Quadrant marks a major milestone in the continuing story of Resulticks’ rapid growth, which began in 2014. Redickaa Subrammanian, our co-founder, said, “This is […]

Don’t make them hate you

Day 1: Let’s suppose you register with an online retailer while making an online purchase for some jeans, and receive a personalized welcome mail promptly. You are more than happy with the special attention and it marks the beginningof your journey. Day 3: “Here are some things you might be interested in”. You can see, […]

Best Practices for Email Marketing Subject Lines

With hundreds of new mails landing in a recipients inbox on a daily basis, what makes him decide whether or not to open an email? It is the email’s SUBJECT LINE, as it is the first point of entry to the mail and a very good indication of whether the email message is valuable or […]