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It’s called big data for a reason

While big data still baffles many marketers, a step-by-step approach can yield highly valuable results Overwhelmed by the size and complexity of big data, too many marketers don’t even know where to start to harness its power. In fact, our recent Marketing Flab to Fab study found that fully one-third of marketers are feeling big […]

Get your (GDPR) data act together

In today’s AI-focused world, data is not just the oil that lubricates the engine, it’s really the fuel that fires it. Every brand, big or small, relies on data to run its business effectively and efficiently. Given the plethora of systems and touch points, however, this data is stored in various places within and outside […]

Conversation marketing. Who’s talking? Who’s listening?

Today, when people talk about conversation marketing, it takes me back to college days and the summer I spent selling a series of children’s storybooks door to door in rural North Carolina. If nothing else, that experience taught me the power of two-way conversation, especially the listening part, to close the sale. As a door-to-door […]

TMI? Not when it comes to marketing and big data

Too much information isn’t the problem; how to transform big data into strategic marketplace intelligence is. Consumers today have access to more sites, social networks, and online stores today than any individual could ever use, and the arsenal of devices to access them expands constantly, from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to smart watches and glasses […]