Armchair travelling, anyone?

Social Media Calendar for Travel Industry

by Akhil Mohan

January 9, 2016

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Come now, confess! We all do this, at least a few times a year. We dream of different things, maybe-open skies, blue beaches, white snow, exotic food, cultural extravaganzas, adventures or just pure relaxation–but we ALL dream.

And, sometimes this is exactly what the (social media) doctor orders to get people off their armchairs and into those online travel or airline or hotel booking sites.  If your social media marketing needs a little boost, here’s what the social media doctors recommend you try.

First, feed your audience’s dreams–of the great times they can enjoy with you, the lovely destinations, tidbits of information in and around these great destinations. The more visual you can make it, the better. After all, a picture does speak a thousand words, surely?

Then, tell them about how they can realize those dreams with you. They’ll be looking for information on travel offers, reviews, and package comparisons.

Next, you’ll want to reach them, when they’re ready to go. Ensure you have those peak travel periods marked for special social postings that will direct prospects to the best destinations for the season and related deals.

There’s another assorted bunch of content postings, you could add into the mix, like brand content (to showcase your industry experience), travel tips (for a pleasant experience), and even industry updates.

Having your latest content posted on your social media pages frequently helps keep it in the view of your audiences and also serves for easy sharing and word of mouth. But truth is, social media marketing is about having the content and knowing when to post it or when not. So do you have a calendar ready?

Your social media calendar is like that three-in-one bottle opener, knife, and key holder. And pretty much like you can’t have a working kitchen without the three-in-one tool, you can’t build a successful social media marketing program without a calendar either.

Built correctly, the social media calendar is your planning tool for reach, engagement, and conversion. It’s the first step to automating your social media marketing. It helps you plan and dish out the right content, at the right frequency at the right place or property, so you make the most of your audience’s attention.

Once up and working, and a little further down the road, it gives you the opportunity to start thinking about how to remove the manual process of social posting on different properties and start focusing on the analytics that can be delivered by marketing automation platforms to improve performance.

Just like the ingenuity of planning for multiple social media channels using a single social calendar, imagine the convenience of having a consolidated view of postings and audience interactions across all these channels on a single dashboard.

But first things first, need a social media content calendar specifically for the travel industry? Download your free travel social media calendar.

And, keep them dreaming…..