3 Steps to a Successful SMS Campaign

3 Steps to a Successful SMS Campaign

by Resulticks

September 22, 2015

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If you’re trying to promote your product to the world and grow your business, you have no choice but to market to audiences on mobile devices. This is where your customers are worldwide.

SMS or Text messages remain popular because they are fast and easy to use, saving time and allowing for both privacy and personalization. If you are ready to dive into SMS marketing and leverage on this amazingly powerful marketing channel, it’s then imperative that you follow these basic 3 simple steps to execute a successful SMS campaign:

  • It’s all about timing: When your phone buzzes in the dead of night, just to tell you about the latest fall collection, that’s like a nightmare breaking through a beautiful dream.. While it’s an axiom, everyone understands and agrees that when it comes to SMS marketing, sending your messages at the wrong time is just going to plummet your conversion rates down the wrong side of the bell curve. Studies tells us that the best time to trigger your SMS campaigns are preferably over the weekend between 1pm and 4pm.
  • Landing pages are a problem: From my personal experience I have seen that the landing page that I reach from the link within the text message is a disaster. They are either not mobile responsive, not personalised, or have got a complicated subscription form with multiple fields to fill out. When you’ve gone through the trouble and expense of designing a SMS campaign flow and creating a killer text message, then why loose out the golden opportunity thanks to a hastily designed landing page?
  • Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple: This may very well be the most important tip to follow for a successful SMS campaign. For one thing, remember that most carriers limits the length of a text message to 160 characters. In addition, the faster you get to the crux of your message the better. Take for example the following two messages:

Now coming with the purchase of your smart phone is a 25% discount coupon. Go to your nearest store and avail this offer before Friday <tiny url>

Get 25% off on the next purchase of your Smart Phone. Hurry, offer valid till Friday <tiny url>

Out of the two messages mentioned above, which message do you think would entice your customers better? My guess is message number two. Now that’s a fantastic message right there as it gets straight to the point, offers easy instructions on what to do, and also drives a sense of urgency to the customer. Sending out carefree messages are more likely to annoy your customers, which is something you obviously want to try and avoid.

Your SMS uses that most intimate device available on the face of the planet today – the mobile phone. It puts your message right in front of your audience, wherever he might be and no matter what he’s engaged in. That means you want to find the right balance between the content of your message, the time you send it, and the landing page you lead your audience to. If you can successfully coordinate these three things, you increase your chances of a successful campaign.