3 Footnotes to Boost Your Campaign Performance

3 Footnotes to Boost Your Campaign Performance

by Resulticks

October 6, 2015

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The proof of a pudding is in its eating. Likewise, a campaign is all about its performance at the end of it. Having said that, they also say you can’t rest on your laurels, one step at a time, failure is the stepping stone to success. Well, all that essentially translating to mean, in our case – ‘Analyse and Apply’ (there, I’ve added one more to the list).

Given the possible length of interaction we enjoy now with prospects and customers, across channels, should we not expect more insights out of the final campaign performance in lieu of just the usual open, clicked and delivery rates reporting? Now, here are three things I would find really useful to understand at the end of every campaign.

  • Analysed recommendations –Yes, there are some campaigns that have better open rates than others, some that result in more or less clicks than previous ones. But what factors lead to these differences? Was it the time of blast, or the quality of the list or the content or….? Of course, we know this varies depending on the channel being used – Email, Mobile, Social media. But, imagine how effective your next campaign will be if only you knew what you need to fix or improve on..
  • Benchmarking: Good, bad or ugly, performance is usually relative. What is of importance, is to find out how your campaign fared versus the competition, or the industry or your own previous campaigns. This information can then be used to identify gaps that can be fixed to achieve  competitive advantage.
  • Cross channel comparison: When you’ve used multiple channels as part of an integrated campaign, possibly running parallel, you’ll want to see how these individual channels performed against one another,across the same period of time. Having this insight will give you sufficient inputs on the quality of the list being used and its propensity across channels, funneling into the effectiveness of your next campaign.

There are a few more that cross my mind, like ROI measurements,  revenue attribution, demographic responses and so on. When you have enough data, the information you can derive by sifting through it is quite endless. And, key to this effort would be to ensure you have the right marketing automation platform to provide you just that. Have a thought to add or a stat you’d like to see on campaign performance? Let us know here.